Jack Nicholson

You Can't
Handle the

What I learned from Jack Nicholson:

You Can't Handle the Truth.
We all think we are unique - We Are...
But then so is everyone else.
Are you different? - I don't think so.

In Japan they say "ki chigai" and most people think it means "crazy".
Those people are wrong - Ki chigai literally means "A Different Mind".

Do you have a Different Mind?

Do you make an indelible impression - for better or worse?
Are you so extreme in your passions that you seem possessed?
Will I remember you for extremes - in words, actions and character?

Are you a maniac? - You Should Be. What are you holding out for? You get to be here only once. Stop with your excuses - your reasons - your weaknesses - your crap that even you don't believe - Be Honest.

"You are right Mister Bond. That is just what I am, a maniac. All the greatest men are maniacs, they are possessed by a mania which drives them forwards to their goal. The greatest scientists, the philosophers, the religious leaders - all maniacs." Dr No.

Jack Nicholson is a maniac - He is Ki chigai " a different mind".

Jack is someone you certainly remember.
He sure beats the plain vanilla crap that most people we meet spew up. Jack's memorable.

Jack gives that little bit more that we ALL remember - He's a maniac.
The truth that you can't handle is " We need more maniacs like Jack." We remember the maniacs - We're not going to remember you!

You Can't Handle the Truth.

And so we rationalize why we live our lives in the plain vanilla crap.

And then we Die.

You Can't Handle the Truth.

That's what I learned from Jack Nicholson.

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