Tough Guys

Are you a
Tough Guy?

What I learned about Tough Guys:

Are you a Tough Guy?

I have known a lot of tough guys over the years. Guys that think they are tough, guys that actually are tough and everything in between. From soldiers to salesmen. From sycophants to sissies. From wise guys to whiners. From personalities to politicians and boys to men. Each made their case and staked their claim. What is a tough guy? What is it that makes a guy tough? War - Work - Wisdom - Wealth?

Is it instilling Fear? - The guy that would put your head in a vice?

Is it the Warrior? - The guy that fights and survives the horrors of war?

Is it Success - The guy that sells better and piles up the money?

Or is it the Worker - The guy that grinds it out day in and day out.

What is the tough guy all about - Fear, Strength, Success, Work?

I have known them all, worked with them all and to some degree been them all - You know what a tough guy really is? A little bit of all of them and yet none of them. The real tough guy lives by a simple code. He determines that code himself, follows it and makes no excuses. The real tough guy protects and provides for those he loves - PERIOD.

The REAL Tough Guy is a Responsible, Respected FATHER.

All the rest is merely practice.

Be a good father.

Be a REAL tough guy.

That's what I learned from tough guys.

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