Lady Liberty

The most Beautiful
Woman - Anywhere

What I learned from Lady Liberty:

I remember the first time I saw her.

A teenage boy, impressionable and excited, gazed upon the most beautiful woman he could imagine. Appearing like my personal angel majestically rising from the sea. A strong and trusted friend gently welcoming me into her arms and silently promising true happiness.

She stared enigmatically - right through him - as he stood upon the deck of the boat that brought him to her home. The waves crashed beneath her as she stood firm and steady; smiling that wonderfully warm and confident smile. The thrill she sends through my spine is as strong today as it was so many years ago.

Now that is true love.

No greater symbolism could Hollywood have conjured up in the mind of a young boy just looking for a chance. She is without a doubt everything a man searching for opportunity could dream of.

I fought for her in a very unpopular war and she welcomed us home when others turned their backs. My lady Liberty - timeless, true and unwavering.

And even when turmoil and challenges spread dismay and prompts skeptics and cynics to rail against her she confidently offers the ultimate response "You are free".

You are free to choose - to pursue and to speak out however you choose.

You are free to become whatever you choose - here in my land. Become what you choose.

The woman is not perfect - but what she offers is - A chance, an opportunity to pursue and to build a wonderful life and as "she cries with silent lips" Lady Liberty is still the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine.

Lady Liberty - Your beauty is eternal and unmatched anywhere.

That is what I learned from Lady Liberty.

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