Pat Evans

If I Lose Once
That's a Trend.

What I learned from Pat Evans:

I don't like to lose.

It makes me sick to my stomach.

So this guy Pat, who Newsweek called "a brilliant sales mind", has something valuable to me. His motto is "If I lose once - It's a trend."

Pat counts amongst his accomplishments:
  • Founder of EVCOR, shipping/software integration company that waged - and won - a David & Goliath battle against a huge multinational competitor.
  • Sold The EVCOR Network for $60 million in 2000.
  • Appeared on CBS This Morning, NBC, ABC, WBEZ, WGN, WYCC and Fox.
  • Interviewed for sales advice by The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, LA Times and Chicago Tribune.
  • INC 500 winner with a growth rate of 1019%!
  • Adviser and mentor to 22 successful start-up businesses.
And he can sell (which is always an important criteria to me)
  • #1 sales rep nationwide for Singer/Friden within 4 months of graduating college.
  • Youngest sales manager in history of the Singer/Friden.
  • No. 1 at selling software/integration in North America.
So Pat Evans is someone that I learn a lot from on a regular basis.

I would highly recommend you read his book "Sales Burst"

If I lose once that's a trend.

That's what I learned from my friend Pat Evans.

Learn more about Pat Evans:

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