Lee Iacocca


What I learned from Lee Iacocca:

I learned more about business from this man than I can ever convey.
"Concentrate young man,use your time wisely and be decisive."
Lee Iacocca taught me how to concentrate and get things done.

The time I spent working for Lido A. Iacocca I count as being one of the best learning experiences of my life. Brusk, blunt, demanding and with a white hot focus he taught me lessons that I will never forget.

Lee is a worker and a producer of results - No Excuses.

At 16 he was working sixteen hour days in a fruit market - Work Ethic.

He wanted to earn 10k a year at 25 and become a millionaire - Goals.

Lee believes, strongly, that in America you can accomplish anything as long as you are willing to work hard - Mindset.

At Ford Motor Company Lee took the worst district in sales revenues to being the best district in the company with his 56 for 56 program, selling well over 75 million cars - Get Results.

Lee bounces like Tigger - fired from Ford, after a falling out with Henry Ford, he bounced and used the emotional energy from that experience to drive Chrysler to consistently beat Ford with his results - Drive.

Lee Iacocca is a worker and a driver. A no nonsense, straight talking man who gets things done. He taught me how to get things done.


That's what I learned from Lee Iacocca.

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