Mother Teresa


What I learned from Mother Teresa:

Perspective - There are some people that visit this earth for a short time that TRULY make a difference. They are here to inspire the greater good within all of us. They shine like beacons so much so that our words, deeds, actions and accomplishments pale in their shadow.

Mother Teresa was such a beacon.

She gave meaning to a mantra that I keep close to my heart.

"When you think you're good - You're not."

So ladies and gentlemen for just a little while, every now and again, think about those very special people. Those people that the big guy put on this earth that REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

And try - just a little bit - to listen and heed their clarion call.

Rise to the challenge they set before us as human beings.

Try to make a difference.

When you think you're good - you're not.

That's what I learned from Mother Teresa.

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