Tiger Woods

Become Better.

What I learned from Tiger Woods:

What can you say?
This guy can FOCUS.

It's redundant to repeat everyone else - so I won't.
The part that I don't agree with is - that it comes down to his talent.
Plenty of people have talent - None Do With It what he does.
Even his fiercest competitors respectfully agree - Tiger is Remarkable.

His dad, Earl Woods, made him mentally tough - there is no doubt.
I would expect nothing less from a Quiet Professional.

His mother had a say in it - Without Question.

But Tiger puts it best "I focus on my game" and my personal favorite
"You can always become better." Tiger Woods defines focused.
If you want to learn about focus, drive, personal development and mindset. You don't need to look much further than this guy.

Tiger Woods is the complete package.

You Can Always Become Better.

That's what I learned from Tiger Woods.

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