Roni Wright

Care more and you
will attract them like
Bees to Honey.

What I learned from Roni Wright:

Roni Wright is a magnet - pure and simple.

If you ever attend an industry trade show take a moment and just stop by the Book Company booth - you will see exactly what I mean. People buzz around Roni Wright more than any other person at the show - she attracts them like bees to honey.

It could be because of her vivacious, friendly, engaging and totally focused personality.

It could be because she genuinely cares about what you have to say.

It could be because Roni knows every one in the industry, dedicates time to support organizations that provide invaluable service and help us all like "The Promotional Professionals Mentoring Network" or it could just be because...

Roni Wright is a unique diamond in the rough.

Whenever you meet someone that cares more than others and consistently does what's right it makes an indelible impression. Those people have the contribution differentiator that many advertise but few can consistently deliver. Roni Wright delivers.

Roni contributes more by caring more than others.

What is needed in our industry and indeed in business, are more people like Roni Wright.

Contribute by Caring - just a little more than others think is necessary and you will attract relationships like bees to honey.

That's what I learned from Roni Wright.

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