Ashley Delseni

A Clear
Glass of Water.

What I learned from Ashley Delseni:

There is a saying that asks you to look at how a person views the world - Do they see the glass half empty or half full? A lot of people use this tool to characterize the mindset of others and in business the attitudes of employees.

I prefer to look into the glass and try to see how clear the water is.

Personalities range across the spectrum, abilities are all over the map and personal drive is certainly difficult to gauge until you can observe the individual being challenged with adversity.

Ashley Delseni is a Clear Glass of Water.

In model employees you look for enthusiasm (bubbles), willingness to learn (can you pour more into the glass or is it already full of itself) and refreshing clarity ( an absence of the "Yeah but" syndrome).

When you need to quench your thirst (get something done) the glass needs to be available, dependable and instantly refreshing. Without an aftertaste or bitterness - it needs to do the job it's been asked to do.

I remember when her husband was deployed with the Marines to Iraq - I carefully observed her demeanor during a very trying time. She was grace under pressure - above the pond the swan was gliding gracefully, below she was paddling furiously to keep her attitude moving forward.

The glass was still refreshing, conscientiously available and bubbling with enthusiasm. She did what professionals do - turned a trying situation into an opportunity to grow and focus.

Ashley Delseni is a clear glass of water.

As employees come and go, people move through our lives and you try to profile those that refreshed you. I shall recall Ashley Delseni as the clear glass of water

Refreshment is A Clear Glass of Water.

That's what I learned from Ashley Delseni.

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