Randy Pausch

Play the Hand
You're Dealt.

What I learned from Randy Pausch:

Play the Hand You're Dealt.

They are thrust forward into our attention by their difference. The difference in the way they look at life and how they respond to circumstance, challenge, adversity and the hand they are dealt.

The true enormity being a realization that human beings can be so very, very strong, inspiring and just plain old good when they really want to be. We read about them, watch them and listen to them and they make a difference because they so strongly manifest what we all can be. Their lives serve as an inspiring clarion call - screaming from the mountain peaks, encouraging and challenging us

"Look at What You Can be - Look at how You Can Inspire Others"

Randy Pausch showed us all what it is to be a man.

His popular book "The Last Lecture" brought him to the forefront and his inspiring presentation at Carnegie Mellon reverberated through cyberspace with a viral video popularity unparalleled.

In an age of attention deficit viewers that can rarely focus for more than a sound byte the full version of his presentation on video, almost an hour and a half long, produced millions upon millions of views.

(Watch the abbreviated version of the video here)
There are some people that echo every thing that is good about the human spirit and Randy certainly fits that measure.

As I watched and listened to him retell how his parents let him paint his room I thought about the time my daughter painted her room bright yellow to match her viewpoint. Randy's message resonated, I am sure, with fathers everywhere that want their children to continually strive to unlock every ounce of the potential they have within themselves.

I look at the picture of his children and can't help but think how they can be so very proud of the lessons they surely must have learned from this remarkable man. A life of meaning and purpose inspiring other lives to pursue meaning and purpose.

I STRONGLY encourage we all heed his clarion call and in some small way continue the remarkable example he sets in our lives.

Play The Hand You're Dealt.

That's what I learned from Randy Pausch.

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