Condoleezza & Margaret

Mental Toughness.

What I learned from Condoleezza & Margaret:

Mental Toughness that's what these two women have in bucket loads.

Put aside any politics for a moment.
Focus on the traits these women needed to have to make history.

  • Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and leader of Great Britain from 1979 to 1990. She is the first and only woman to date to hold that post.
  • Condoleezza Rice was the 66th United States Secretary of State. The first and only black woman ever to hold that post.

Think for a moment about the challenges, prejudices and outright opposition these two women faced and overcame.

Think about the roadblocks and obstacles that must have been placed in their paths by opponents and detractors.

Think about the hostility, both overt and hidden, they must have faced.

They needed mental toughness of a truly remarkable nature to persevere, overcome and achieve.

And there can be no argument that they have achieved to a degree that will be noted in the history books.

There are some people, both men and women, who are just mentally tough. This toughness is something that very few people have the drive, discipline and sheer strength of will to develop.

This is the stuff that earns respect.

Forged by fire and brimstone these women have shown the right stuff. They made their mark in a world where insipid fluff panders to established patterns of comfortable thought. They broke through to differentiate and distinguish themselves.

They are the kind of people you want to have a drink with, bring home to dinner and instruct your kids to listen carefully to when they speak.

Condoleezza Rice and Margaret Thatcher are two such women.

Mental Toughness.

That's what I learned from Margaret and Condoleezza.

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