Stath Karras

Sunday Morning

What I learned from Stath Karras:

Sunday Morning I was out in the yard working and my cell phone rang.

"Dan this is Stath, sorry I missed your call on Friday - I have a few questions about your project let's get together on Monday "

Simple Call - Strong Subtext.

This guy follows through more conscientiously than most (Sunday morning) and he was the President of the Company I was pitching.

Stath Karras, at the time, was President and Chief Executive Officer of Burnham Real Estate. Stath has over 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, the last sixteen with Burnham and Cushman Wakefield. Prior to his current position with Cushman Wakefield Stath oversaw all real estate and asset management for Burnham with responsibility for a portfolio totalling more than twelve million square feet of commercial space (from the Cushman Wakefield website biography page).

I remember the first time I met him on a ride along with the President of my company. We were selling information, data on businesses in the area, who they dealt with for real estate needs, what their growth plans were and various components relating to their satisfaction with current business relationships and the overall health of their company. The President primarily made the pitch (not a very good one I thought) and it was my job to close the deal after he did all the bells and whistles stuff. Essentially it was a he would wow them and I would work them.

I believe in being accessible, thus the cell phone call, but very few business prospects follow up on the "I'm always available to answer your questions" part of my philosophy. Very few earn my respect in this regard (but that's just me).

Seems like there is a lot of traction in the work - life balance movement. (like they are mutually exclusive concepts?)

Stath impressed me though as being different and driven from the questions he asked in the presentation - very ROI focused and a clearly aimed "what is your differentiator from similar offerings?"

Two points that cut through the fluff and bring your true value proposition home in my opinion. This guy is really focused.

Stath Karras is a sharp cookie - without a doubt - but more so than that he does what he says he is going to do. A character trait that goes a long way to earning respect from the bottom up.
When you need to inspire it is wise to start from the bottom up and Stath seemed to have that one down pat.

  • A Leader - I should say.
  • A Clear Thinking, Focused, Businessman - No question.
  • A Man who Differentiates himself - Well he did with me.

Even if it's Sunday morning differentiate yourself.

A Man who Differentiates himself is remembered.

That's what I learned from Stath Karras

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