Ghandi & Churchill

Strength comes from
an Indomitable Will.

What I learned from Ghandi & Churchill:

Strength comes from an Indomitable Will.
  • Ghandi said it.
  • Churchill said it.
There is a book, recently released, which portrays the relationship and interplay between these men "Ghandi and Churchill - The Epic Rivalry".

Much has been written, revisionist and otherwise regarding these two twentieth century icons.

Time listed them amongst the greatest men of this century. Everyone agrees they were giants with contrary views and begrudging (more so on Churchill's part) differences of opinion and approach. They were two men with opposite aims and objectives to a large degree.

Their differences have been harped upon and chronicled. Their personalities dissected at the expense of their contributions to the common man and the indomitable drive that these two great men exhibited is clouded by the fluff of feeble critique (in my opinion).

They were both enormous in my esteem and as different as night and day. Both men inspired and led the common man to herculean efforts in the defense of what they believed to be right. They displayed an indomitable will the like of which is rarely seen and is frequently challenged, critiqued and dissected by armchair academias with little to hang their own metaphorical hats on .

But when you separate the animus from the annals of history you are left with what they did and who they influenced. This is, without question, the only statement of account that matters.

If you want to see what really matters look at what Churchill and Albert Einstein said about Mr Ghandi when his life of remarkable contributions was taken from this world by an assassin ...

It was perhaps Ghandi's qualitative superiority that drew on his death Churchill's remark that "He was too good to live in this world" or Einstein's, that "a thousand years hence people will not believe that such a man in flesh and bone had walked the earth."

Even as mercurial giants disagree on philosophy, approach and methodology they underscore their greatness with the respect that they earn from others of their ilk.

Strength comes from an Indomitable Will.

That's what I learned from the Ghandi and Churchill interactions.

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