Boaz Rauchwerger

Choice & Action.

What I learned from Boaz Rauchwerger:

Happiness, success and wealth are matters of

Personal Choice & Action.

I met Boaz on my first day at a software company in San Diego as the Director of Sales. He was giving an inspirational presentation to the whole company and I said to myself "This guy is amazing".

I guess his story resonated from one immigrant to another opening up my attention a little earlier than the rest of the group. You could see that everyone was blown away by his exuberance and enthusiasm for a topic he was passionate about. The guy is remarkable.

Boaz is straightforward and different. Rather than most motivational speakers who lure in their audience with a maze of books, tapes, byzantine handouts and the familiar refrain of "here is a taste but you need to take the full course to get the benefits"

Boaz is bullet point effective.
  • Direct your own life.
  • You are responsible for your happiness.
  • Here are some tools now take action.

Boaz came to America with his parents, who grew up in Palestine (now Israel) in the 1930's, not speaking a word of English.

He was nine years old - in a new land with new challenges (I get it).

In high school he had mastered the language well enough to be a radio broadcaster and since then has wowed audiences with a network television show, his own advertising firm and written a remarkable book "The Tiberius Transformation"

Boaz is funny, inspiring and passionate.

But more than that - Boaz tells it like it is (in this simple minded immigrants opinion his most endearing and engaging quality).

Your Choices and Actions Determine Your Success - Period.

That's what I learned from Boaz Rauchwerger.

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