Leo Babauta

Make it
Your Life.

What I learned from Leo Babauta:

If you want to communicate effectively make it your life.

This old buzzard didn't know a blog from a log until he read Leo.

So writing one and making it a little more than narcissus gazing into the stream was a bit of a stretch for this old timer - it still is.

Leo Babauta writes the blog - Zen Habits

Leo Babauta has a wonderful humility and self effacing personality that belies his accomplishments in this new age of blogging. His self described "all I want to do is share what I have learned" philosophy resonated extremely well with me and so I figured here is a good guy to learn some stuff from. The description of himself on his blog pretty much sums it up...

"I have no formal qualifications. I am not an expert, or a doctor, or a coach, or a consultant. I don’t give seminars and I haven’t published a book. I haven’t made a million dollars and I’m not the world’s greatest athlete.

All I am is a regular guy, a father of six kids, a husband, a worker, and a free-lance writer. But I have accomplished a lot over the last year and change (and failed a lot) and along the way, I have learned a lot."

Leo is a teacher in the truest sense - "Here is what I learned - Tell me what you have learned - Do with it what you will".

His blog received 21,000 subscribers within the first six months and is well over 60,000 as of this writing. Primarily it is a self help vehicle with a Zen attitude - Cool and unassuming it carries along the wistful with the willful and is a pleasure to browse.

The thing I love about Leo, his approach, his blog and pretty much his way is that the undertone of "here is the guidance - now it's up to you" is very appealing.

I can certainly understand why Leo has such a strong readership.

It's all about what really matters to him in his life.

The passion and authenticity echoes like some ode to joy.

Make it your Life.

That's what I learned from Leo Babauta.

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