Gary Sutton

You can't help
If they don't see

a problem.

What I learned from Gary Sutton:

You can't help - If they don't see a problem.

Whether it be people or companies the situation is always the same.

Most people call for help when the need is so dire that EVERYONE, everywhere, can plainly see there is a problem. Isn't it strange how we kid ourselves until ...?

The challenge is - IF most people were really honest with themselves it could have been corrected so very much earlier with a lot less effort and pain - the challenge is simply being honest with ourselves.

Gary Sutton is a man who has written a few very well received books in the business community. We agree on a lot of things, which worries me because I think most consultants fall into the ivory tower academias rather than those due respect; not the least being people always seem to ask for help when they are standing on the edge of an abyss that they have denied was there for far too long.

One of his most successful books (sales revenues wise) is:

"The Six Month Fix:

Adventures in rescuing failing companies".

"If you're the CEO of a struggling business, let's hope we never meet. I'm Gary Sutton, a turnaround guy. When I arrive you leave. Results usually get better and fast."-from the Introduction to The Six-Month Fix Lessons on how to save a sick company from a top turnaround CEO. One of the business world's most sought-after "trauma specialists," Gary Sutton has salvaged nearly a dozen failing businesses, including everything from printing, garbage hauling, and burglar alarm companies to aerospace, satellite communications, and software firms.

The contents of his book, which can just as easily apply to a personal turnaround as well as solutions for failing companies, include:

First, Stop the Bleeding
Turnaround Scams and Screw-Ups
Over and Over and Over Again, the Same Mistakes
Make What Sells
Raise a Flag, Any Flag
Specialize Or Die
Scorn Break even
Slash Costs
Jumpstart New Products
Manage More than Lead
Crawl Into the Customer's Skin
Cheap is Such a Pretty Word
Nudge Value Up
Human Resources is Neither
Hustle the Hustlers
Interview Smarter
Second Opinions
Contracts Are Sales Literature
Downgrade Education
Reverse Discriminate
Raise Pay, Cut Benefits
Walk the Floor
Incentivize, Everyone
Tighten the Ship
Publish A Firing Policy
Beat the Union
Fight Politics
Dance With That Debt Devil
Duck Computer Traps
Kill Meetings
Kick Down the Walls
What's Your Business?
Turnarounds Yes, Startups No and Why
One Bubble Off Plumb
Eliminate Sex
Attack Drugs and Booze
Quit Gambling. Oh, Yes You Are
Send God Back to Church
Slash Consulting
Use Lawyers Less
Romance the Bankers
Use the CPA's As More Than An Accountant
Insurance Stupidity
Challenge the Do-Gooders
Break Laws Carefully
The Turnaround Never Ends
How it Feels
Dressing Up the Stiff
Cash Makes You Stupid
Demand Straight Talk
Create Real Plans
Get Advertising Results
Cut Costs By Raising Quality
Manage from One Piece of Paper
Invest Simply
Negotiate Faster
Flatten that Pyramid
Watch for Trouble Signs
Sell Harder
Raise Ethics, Boost Profits
Ride the Big Wave
Seed Your Culture with the Employee Manual
Elephant Hunting
Boards Suck: Here's How to Cope
Shareholders Only

You want to know why Gary is so successful?

He is a Straight Talking, No Nonsense, ACTION guy - something that most people believe is not nice.

Yet when the people who wanted nice find themselves with an undeniable problem - that everyone else has now noticed - they reluctantly call in Gary Sutton.

You can't help - If they don't see a problem.

That's what I learned from Gary Sutton.

Learn more about Gary Sutton:

The Six Month Fix

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