Michael Phelps


What I learned from Michael Phelps:

Dig Deeper.

Each of us believes we dig deep at certain times and then we see this.

It puts our efforts in perspective to say the very least.

Have you noticed that with some remarkable individuals the more you push them the deeper they dig within themselves? They look inside themselves for the answers - That is the trait of true champions.

In sports, business and indeed in life itself it seems that the true achievers cannot be pushed more than they push themselves. Every challenge, every adverse condition, every slight or external variable adds fuel to an insatiable inner drive they dig up from deep within.

Bob Bowman, the coach of Michael since he was eleven years old, talks about how he would take his goggles fill them with sand and water and stamp on them right before a race to unsettle the boy. Michael merely sucked it up and drove forward to win and win and win.

To call Michael Phelps competitive is a little bit of an understatement

Bowman recalled. “The thing that really struck me was that he was so competitive in everything he did, whether he was playing a game on the playground or whether he was swimming in a meet.”

But what do you do if you want to get the best out of the very best?

Bowman’s simple training technique for Phelps is — “to push him to exhaustion, then ask for something more”

Most people push back when you push hard - very few dig deeper.

The truly remarkable, the very few that have focused and disciplined their drive to achieve Olympian sized objectives like Michael Phelps

Dig Deeper than Anyone can Push.

Dig Deeper

That's what I learned from Michael Phelps.

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