Paul Newman


What I learned from Paul Newman:

Sally Field upon his passing simply stated

"Paul Newman was the perfect man".

All I know of Paul is what I saw and read and heard, unfortunately he was one of those guys that I had to admire and respect from afar.

But boy did I admire and respect him.

Paul was one of those rare guys that I would just loved to have shared a drink with, been privileged to shake his hand and humbly say right to his face "Paul you're just a damned good man - period."

There is real substance there. Not the preening, ego driven stuff that makes the metro sexual crowd search for a mirror, the real stuff.

The right stuff - The real stuff -that was Paul Newman.

The stuff that creates a business and donates every penny of it's success - tens of millions of dollars to charity.

The stuff that finds a woman and stays with her, through thick and thin, with undoubtedly wanton wannabes throwing themselves at him every day. A man who could have anything and anyone he wants sticking with his principles and the right stuff.

The stuff that says "car racing sure" and then goes out and wins.

The stuff that says "Hollywood, I will work there but I can't be it"

The stuff that says autographs? I'm just a simple guy - a humble man.

The stuff that inspires a grown man when watching Cool Hand Luke "You're gonna have to kill me" resonating as much as his truly masculine tone perfect humor in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid "Can't swim? the fall is gonna kill you".

This guy wasn't an actor - this guy was a man.

He makes every one of us look in the mirror and feel just a little less than perfect if we are honest with ourselves.


That's what I learned from Paul Newman.

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