Babe Ruth


What I learned from Babe Ruth
  • Babe was imperfect.
  • Phelps is imperfect.
  • Lance is imperfect.
So what?

Why not look at the stuff they did that was awesome and learn a little?
  • Abe was imperfect.
  • Winston was imperfect.
  • Mother Theresa was imperfect.

Yep they were sometimes stupid, sometimes self serving and definitely flawed when viewed in the rear view mirror of detached righteousness.

The point, from my view anyway, is they have good stuff to teach us.

Stuff that can make each of us just a little bit better.

I'm pretty sure the stuff that it took to break the four minute mile.

The stuff that it took to stand up to Hitler.

The stuff that it took to point to the bleachers and hit it beyond.

Can teach us all SOMETHING!

I could care less about their human frailties.

I would rather Learn.

That's what I learned from Babe, Michael, Winston et al

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