GI Joe

Straighten up

What I learned from GI Joe

So the economy is in the toilet.
Work harder and longer.

So you might lose your job or business.
Get another one.

So you may lose your house.
Build another one.

So your credit is wrecked.
Pay Cash.

So you are broke.
Start selling, working harder and saving again.

So you and your family are hungry.
It's not going to kill us - REALLY - it's not going to kill us.

What the hell happened to the men in America ?

They get a sniffle and call in sick.
They can't function without eight hours of sleep.
They need lunch breaks and health care , cable TV and American Idol.
They coddle their children and say it's ok to be less than they can be.
They lose a few bucks and cry like the world is coming to an end.
They snivel and grovel and ask the government to bail them out.

Give me a friggin break.

No one is shooting at you people!

Straighten up - fly right and act like men.

That's what we can do.

It will save your self respect, your livelihood and for gods sake this whole damn country.

No one is shooting at you people.

That's what I learned from GI Joe.

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