John Wooden


What I learned from John Wooden:

Win with Character.
The guy is about to celebrate his 99th birthday-his legacy is assured.
John Wooden won in this thing called life - and he did it with character.

I met John Wooden once - he signed his book for me - it meant a lot.

As a man you don't get to be better than this guy and yet you would never know by talking to him. A class act, humble, grounded and focused on service. Altruistic to the core and he won.

Competitive men know how important that is to our existence - it's integral to what we are. Competition and winning and doing what it takes to feel that adrenaline surge is often rationalized by the lesser who take shortcuts. In these days of performance enhancement and price cutting - commoditization often wins over character.

John doesn't cut corners - he has character.
And John Wooden WON - He won, time after time.

He won trophies and the respect of temperamental athletes that took time to "get it". He stayed solidly aligned to what he believed and suffered the slings and arrows of those who advocated easier paths and short cuts. John Wooden understood that winning was the goal and there is a right way to do it. A way that people will remember long after the trophies tarnish and the winning dollars are spent.

Winning is important - Winning with character is more important.

Nowadays we are besieged by the transaction mentality. Everything is a commodity to those that focus on the transaction and winning also becomes somewhat of a transaction.

But the man who racked up more wins than any other recognized that it is so much more. John knows that how we win is critical to who we are - but you know what I love about him more than anything else? John didn't use how we do it as an excuse not to win. You see thats what the weak ones do - they excuse not winning as if you can do half the job and still die in peace.

Wrong - So you have strong character but you use it as an excuse not to perform to the best of your abilities? As an excuse not to win?

Well my dear that is hardly strong character is it? John Wooden is much stronger than even his admirers give him credit - myself included.

He recognized and drummed into his charges eternal truths and lifelong lessons that linger.

"Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful." - John Wooden

Win with Character.

That's what I learned from John Wooden

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