Quiet Professionals

Do what
Can't or

What I learned from Quiet Professionals:

They work quietly beside you today and in conflicts far away.

Within each burns a fire that drives them to do what others can't or won't. Their work goes on unseen, unspoken and unrecognized. Because of them our children will live and sleep better and yet they will never know who ... Others will receive the credit, benefits and accolades for the accomplishments of the Quiet Professionals.

Because that's the way they want it. Because that's the way they roll.

When our flag unfurls and her values are threatened they defend her with a focused fire forged from somewhere deep within. A fire that burns into their very souls. The sights and sounds of liberty bring tears to their eyes every time. Hard exteriors protect an idealists heart.

They share a code - a mental mindset that carries obligation, responsibility, duty and loyalty beyond the furthest reaches of comprehension and they believe in it to their very core.

"If I'm not on time - it means I'm not coming"

"No-one gets left behind"

"You are only as strong as your weakest link"

"Mission first"

"The most powerful weapon you possess is your mind"

"Your mindset will defeat anything and anyone - including yourself"

During times of conflict and challenge we ask them to sacrifice and secure the comforts and freedoms that we cherish so much. We ask them to do what needs to be done. We ask them to be accountable. They embrace responsibility without reservation. Warriors one and all.

Each Memorial day we take a moment and recognize them along with all those that serve. We salute and honor their sacrifice - We should salute and honor them every day of our lives.

They do what others can't or won't.

And they deserve more.

They deserve each of us to follow their example.

To Believe in something bigger than ourselves and

Do what others can't or won't.

That's what I learned from Quiet Professionals.

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