The Great Santini

Don't be me.

What I learned from the Great Santini:

From Wikipedia - "The Great Santini is a 1979 film which tells the story of a highly successful Marine officer whose success as a military aviator contrasts with his shortcomings as a husband and father. The film also explores the high price of heroism and self sacrifice on the man's soul and interpersonal relationships."

There is an enormous amount to be said for what we learn in the military and even more from war. Discipline - Altruism - Sacrifice - Responsibility - Loyalty - Honor and a profound sense of Duty. I shall always be in the debt of those I served with and learned from. Many of those men were fire breathing replicas of The Great Santini.

As a father & business person those traits are invaluable. But how do we add to them? How do we ensure that they alone do not define us?

By recognizing that each of our strengths are also our weaknesses. Our Armor is also our Achilles heel. This conundrum presents a welcome challenge - one that I embrace gratefully - to combine both sides of the Tao. Both sides of the Brain. To win the hearts and minds of those we care about we all need to recognize that what some perceive as our strengths others see as a weakness. One mans discipline is another mans rigidity. One mans creativity is another mans lack of focus. One mans empathy and understanding is another mans softness. One mans proven best practice is another mans unwillingness to try new things - and so the list goes on.

I respect the Great Santini - I know the Great Santini - parts of me will always be the Great Santini. He serves as a remarkable visual aid and shows me what each of us - especially those who served in the military can become - if we aren't careful. Thank you Sir - may I have another?

Don't Be Me.

That's what I learned from the Great Santini.

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