Robin Sage

Reject Your Limits

What I learned from Robin Sage.

There is a place in your mind that you can go to test yourself. A place where you can confront your limits. A place where sleep is not an option and finding solutions is the only path considered. It's a road less traveled. This is the place where you seek out the challenges that others reject and align yourself with those who share the passion.
It's a place where hearts and minds go. Let's call it Robin Sage.

You know how you like smart people but hate those that think they're smart? You know how you respect tough guys but hate those that think they're tough? You know how you admire accomplishments but hate the affectations of the accomplished?

There is a place where the Act is separated from the Actor.
Where Limits are Faced and Rejected.
Let's call this place Robin Sage.

We all have limits in our Hearts and Minds
Some Choose to Reject them.

Each of us has a place in our Hearts and Minds where we can go.
A place where we can reject limits - Let's call it Robin Sage.

Reject Your Limits.

That's what I Learned from Robin Sage.

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