The Greatest Sales Secret.

What i learned from Hypnos:

The Greatest Sales Secret ever was learned in a dank, steamy jungle many years ago - in a land far, far away. Men were fighting and killing each other and a boy was becoming a man. At night fear overcame the mightiest of men and sleep was fitful at best. Guard duty was a responsibility that was bought and sold. The most trusted and reliable men slept little and earned extra money to protect those that needed precious rest. Men need sleep and men need people they can trust.

The greatest sales secret I ever learned is - Become someone that people trust will help them sleep. The Rest of the Sales Tips and Techniques are simply details. The Rest of Business is Simply Details.

In Business there are two things that are sold - Period.

Commodities and Confidence.

You get to choose which you sell.

The Greatest Sales Secret Ever.

That's what I learned from Hypnos.

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