Vendor Guy

What's 'is Name?

What I learned from Vendor Guy:

The Promotional Products business takes in over 21 Billion Dollars.

Over 50,000 Distributors and Thousands of Suppliers share in it.
Twenty One billion dollars going out to a myriad of personalities,
job descriptions and people and everyone of them is Vendor Guy.

Every Executive, Creative Artist, Sales Professional, Broker, Distributor, Manufacturer or Supplier is a Vendor Guy. Some try to gussy up the description of what they do but essentially every one is selling the same thing. Brands, Promotions, Products, and Exposure.

BUT HERE'S THE RUB - Every One Says Exactly The Same Thing !
  • I am going to get you the best price.
  • I am going to give you the best service.
  • I am going to give you the most creative, imaginative and individually customized promotion for your brand because I care the most about what you want and need. I care the most.

"Just get a price" from Vendor Guy becomes a default during times of belt tightening and then everyone takes that price to those they have established some semblance of a business relationship with to "price check". It's the reality of the internet age, information is easy to get.

Everyone does it and everyone hates it - So what's the answer?
How do you Differentiate - How do you make sure it's YOUR NAME?

Become the person that people consistently come back to after they have done all their checking. Become the person that others know and recommend. That's when you find out what kind of business and what kind of relationships you really have. Everyone is Vendor Guy.

It's what happens next that matters. It's what's next that changes "What's 'is name" to YOUR NAME. Be the one they come to Last.

Be The One they Come Back To.

That's what I learned from Vendor Guy.

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