Van Gogh

Sell Another Painting.

What I learned from Vincent Van Gogh:

I've learned that there are three people you never win an argument with.
  • Teenagers
  • Women
  • Sales People.
Be Smart - Don't Go There - You Can't Win. With that said, when a Salesperson says that "Sales is more Art than Science", I politely agree and then think of Vincent Van Gogh. Van Gogh was certainly an artistic genius. He was also a tortured and misunderstood soul. Vincent was anxious, unsettled and unappreciated throughout his life. He was primarily self taught and prodigious in his output creating literally thousands of pieces of art. Thousands of Masterpieces.
Van Gogh and Salespeople are very much alike - tortured, creative, swirling, colorful dervishes and unappreciated geniuses but -

Vincent Van Gogh Sold Only ONE Painting During His Entire Life.

So when a Salesperson tells me sales is more art than science I think of Vincent Van Gogh and politely reply... - "Yes It Is"

But before you feel unappreciated, get depressed, cut your ear off, enter an insane asylum and commit suicide before your prime

Sell Another Painting.

Because it's the Science of ROI that runs a business.

That's what I learned from Van Gogh.

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