The Negotiator

3 Types

What I learned from the Negotiator:

A man climbs up to a rooftop and stands on the ledge. He appears ready to end it all and jump. Three negotiators come up to the roof to talk to him. Each one has a different personality trait. Which are you?

The Convincer:

"You have so much to live for, think of your family. Don't you want to see your daughters wedding or your sons graduation? Think how sad they will be". The Convincer focuses on Features and Benefits.

The Understander:

"I know what it's like, sometimes it doesn't seem worthwhile to carry on. I understand what you're going through. I want to listen and understand what you're thinking. Let's sit down and talk as friends." The Understander is Empathetic.

The Qualifier:

"I'm coming over there to get you. You either jump away from me and end it all - or towards me and we can keep going together. Either way I'm coming over there." The Qualifier wants Responses and Actions.

Although we all have a little of each type within us one tends to take the lead in communications. Identifying your primary trait and the primary trait of those you communicate with is a basic premise of profiling in negotiations, difficult situations, sales and business.

3 Types

That's what I learned from the Negotiator.

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