Warren Buffett

Get Skin in The Game.

What I learned from Warren Buffett:

Make sure that you Get Skin in The Game.

There's lots of big talkers in business. Lot's of promises. Lot's of People, Companies and Marketing Experts touting their unique capabilities, talents and value propositions. How many of them are willing to put skin in the game? How many will put up or shut up?

Warren Buffett is a veritable encyclopedia of business best practices and his takeaways are plentiful for anyone wanting to learn solid fundamentals. But there is one that trumps them all if you want to find out early whether someone is full of it. Require they put Skin in the Game. Use it as an early Qualifier, filter or just plain old bs indicator. Whether you are selling, buying, hiring or acquiring this one thing separates the talkers from the rest. What are they willing to put up? Can you get them to put the first dollar put in? Ideas, concepts, plans and efforts are a dime a dozen. Reward without Risk is a pipe dream.

Get Skin in the Game.

That's what I learned from Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett - Wikipedia biography

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