Paul Simon

Want to know how to sell a whole bunch of stuff, get rich while you are sleeping and have lot's of people like you? It's easy. Simon Says
" A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest."
So tell people it's easy. Buy a house for $199, Get Rich the easy Way, Lose weight, Have the perfect life, Vacation all the time, Do only what you love to do, Work a 4 hour week. You Don't need credit, You Don't need to sell anything. You Deserve it. Just tell everyone what they want to hear - Just tell them it's easy. You can set up a web site, twitter a little and money will roll in while you sleep. Everyone knows it's just a matter of knowing a few inside secrets and having a nice looking message to take to market. You can do this, anyone can. It's easy.
Do you wanna believe it? Do Ya?

Now let me ask you a question - Do you want the people that believe this as employees, friends and trusted associates? I put it to you that you really want the people that say "Tell me it's too hard for me to do." Tell me that only a very few will do it. Tell me that I need to prove that I am one of those few. Tell me that I have to do what others can't or won't. Then challenge me to be one of those. Surround yourself with those few - Be one of those few. It's what we don't want to hear that serves us best in life. It's the hardest things that we learn from. The nastiest tasting medicine that we need to take. The early morning training and late night studies. The calls that others don't make. The tough questions that others don't ask or answer. The things we need to do are those things we know aren't easy. We need to establish the habits and the character that few have. Yes Most People Buy Easy - The Best Know Better. Do the things that others can't or won't.

A Man Hears What He Wants To Hear.

That's what I learned from Paul Simon

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