John & Jane Doe

I don't like many people and I respect even less. Why? Well I think as human beings we too often whine, whimper, point and blame. When we could be learning and growing. Let's take adversity for example - we all encounter it in varying degrees through this thing we call life. Is any of it really important? I submit Adversity is Irrelevant. But each of us personalizes and ranks our adversity when maybe we should be looking at how we respond to adversity. Or more important we should learn from those that seem to have no adversity. Do we honestly believe that they have no adversity - Duh. There are John & Jane Does all over the world that face cancer, war, poverty and loss of life and limb on a daily basis. These humble souls suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and respond without us even knowing that it occurred. They go about their daily business with a smile and silent determination to succeed regardless of their circumstances.They are the silent warriors - The ones that you never hear whine, whimper and blame. Do they face adversity daily - Of course they do. They face their challenges, regardless of the severity, without us even knowing.

Isn't it how we respond what matters? I put it to you that our adversity is irrelevant. The degree, severity or flavor of it is irrelevant. The truly remarkable souls amongst us appear to have no adversity whatsoever.

It's How We Respond.

That's what I learned from John & Jane Doe.

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