Dale Dauten

Better is Always Different.

What I learned from Dale Dauten:

I was reading articles recently and came across one that resonated.

"Todays work ethic just no longer works" by Dale Dauten.

It made an impact and so I shot him a line - Hey Dale that was really good. Thanks for the insight - it was valuable and actionable"

He wrote back the same day - we started communicating and from one old curmudgeon to another a connection was made.

I guess the thing that really made an impact though was here was a busy guy who took the time to do a bit of good old fashioned polite and professional follow up. He was timely, to the point, courteous, cogent and extremely helpful - he didn't have to be.

He didn't have to be - that's what made the difference (to me anyway)

It's really a pleasure when you come across professionalism, clarity of thought, humility and good old fashioned courtesy in one package.

"What's called for is a way of working beyond mere work, something higher, and something finer. What's needed is a Contribution Ethic and -- hello! -- It has always been needed. People with a contribution ethic have always been rare, and they have always been who drive the economy and the world conversation". Dale Dauten.

Never, ever, be too busy to respond to and assist those people who seriously and courteously ask for your insight.

Better is always Different.

That's what I learned from Dale Dauten

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