Roger Bannister

Nothing is

What I learned from Sir Roger Bannister:

For years they all said that not only was the feat of a man running a mile in under four minutes physically and physiologically impossible but it was indeed extremely dangerous, perhaps even life threatening.

The mind of the masses would not dare comprehend such an attempt.

Then Roger Bannister proved them all wrong.

The real barrier that Mr Bannister broke through though was not the four minute time, as dramatic as that was, it was the limits that the human mind had placed upon itself.

You, Sir Roger, woke up the world and broke through the psychological prisons confining our minds.

After Sir Roger Bannister ran the four minute mile in 3.59.4 in 1954 the world stood and applauded in awe.

By the end of 1957 seventeen other runners had exceeded the feat.

In a recent one mile race in New York ALL thirteen runners ran the race in under four minutes.

What was once considered unimaginable to the human mind was now being beaten by the worst runners in the race.

Sir Roger Bannister - you Sir made the world pay attention.

People now took action based upon your shattering that ridiculous notion of human beings having limitations. That, my good man, is something very, very few people achieve.

Nothing is impossible - Believe it and then go and Achieve it.

That's what I learned from Sir Roger Bannister.

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