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Lose the

What I learned from Greg Reid:

Lose the Lantern.

It was in the early eighties and there were just a few young turks that sold promotional products over the phone with me at the time. Each of them had an ego the size of Everest and every one to a fault had drive, determination and gregarious personality to spare.

I figured a wilderness trip to find a little more about what was under the veneer might be a good idea. So we trekked out to the mountains near Idlewild for a couple of days and nights.

Greg was one of the ten or twelve guys that came along with this old soldier who was determined to see what they were made of.

The guy was loaded to the gills with parka, boots, backpack, snacks and for some reason, known only to him, a kerosene lantern that must have weighed a ton. It was over ninety degrees in August in California.

It was hot.

I smiled but said nothing.

We hiked for miles out into the middle of nowhere and i could see the frustration and anger boiling inside the superstar egos of boys who had mastered the ability to sell anyone but had not mastered themselves. Over hill and into cavern we slogged and they dutifully followed, squealing every step of the way at the unfairness and futility they felt the whole exercise represented. "Dan this is stupid - you don't even know where you're going - What the hell is the point of this?"

Finally Greg collapsed in a heap at the foot of a hill - "I can't go any further - this is bull**&%"

I turned to him and said - Greg you might want to get rid of some of that weight - like the lantern - and oh by the way I'm going up the hill. You are welcome to stay here or come along.

Greg got rid of the lantern and stuff - We went forward together.

Gregory Scott Reid has come a long way since those days. He has pursued his dreams of building, helping and mentoring - Check out his Always Good site - I believe it may be because he let go of his lantern, left some of the baggage behind and focused forward.

Lose the Lantern

That's what I learned from Greg Reid.

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