David Eagleman

Perceptions are Key.

What I learned from David Eagleman.

I have been fortunate to know a few very smart people over the years and although the conversations are always extremely one sided (me asking and them patiently answering clearly inane questions) I relish the opportunity to learn from those blessed with, or driven to acquire, knowledge and insight that I lack. David Eagleman is one such intellect. We are all primates but David has evolved a little more than the rest of us and his works provoke and inspire a thirst to learn more about our thoughts and what makes this thing we call life such a joyous journey. He explores perception, it's role in behavior and the myriad of things that make each of us do what we do. It's fascinating.

Human beings learn to repeat behaviors that lead to maximize rewards primarily because of the effects of dopamine. That's a simple statement but one that is enormous in its scope and relationship to why we do what we do and especially why we repeat behavior over a long period of time. Why do our best intentions often not translate into lifelong habit changes? Why do we do what we habitually do? Why is our perception so ingrained and how can we change it? Davids work taught me a little more about this than most and I am truly grateful.

Perceptions are Key to Life itself.

A pretty simple statement with a whole lot of science behind it. Perceptions dictate our lives but what dictates perceptions? That is the question that David Eagleman has helped me put into a nice tidy little box that this primate can comprehend. Davids work helps me formulate answers to that question that make sense. Answers that make me more productive, focused and understanding of why I do what I do and, hopefully, helps me understand a little why others do what they do.

Perceptions are Key to Life itself.

That's what I learned from David Eagleman.

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