Walter Cronkite

That's the Way It Was.

What I learned from Walter Cronkite.

The most trusted man in America died at the age of 92.
Married for 65 years he was with his wife until her death.
With Mister Cronkite that was just the way it was.

Walter announced the assassination of President Kennedy, live on national TV, with power, grace and all the characteristics of a consummate professional. You could see the intestinal fortitude working within him as he bit his lip, removed his glasses to wipe away a tear, sucked it up and carried on doing his job while all the world paused - paralyzed into stunned silence. Galvanized by Grief.

He did his job without bias. Without the need to color the news with ego, opinion or agenda. Walter Cronkite was a professionals professional. Walter reported the news just the way it was.

The Most Trusted Man in America.

All of us could learn a lesson or two from Walter.

That's the Way it Was.

That's what I learned from Walter Cronkite.

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