Web 3.0

Everyone is talking about Web 2.0 and how it's revolutionizing business communication. Links, tweets and connections are being shared and everything from the banal to the brilliant is being communicated.These portals undoubtedly increase the number of people you can get in front of quickly. But, just like before these innovations hit the airwaves, what you say when you get in front of them appears to be the critical issue. Is the content valuable and credible or is it just noise? Why and what are we communicating? Every tweet, link, connection and blog entry is telling the world exactly who you are. Your content is being aggregated daily and revealing insights which, over time, build a digital picture book that tells us all who you truly are. Viewers will categorize you by your missives. Are you primarily fluff or focus? Web 3.0 will communicate exactly that. Whether you like it or not Web 3.0 is coming and it will Brand You.

What I learned from Web 2.0

Do you want to entertain, educate, convince or connect? Like minded people are attracted and gravitate into clusters with 2.0. Some with Fluff - Some with Focus. But Web 2.0 is now old hat, we are already Linked in, Face booked, Twittered and following. So What's Next?

Well now comes Web 3.0 which will correlate, categorize and compartmentalize those with whom you communicate. It will sort them and their communications into fluff and focus and will brand them for you. Web 3.0 will filter for you, assign a value based on your content credibility criteria and do it's own little critique. Is this in my fluff or focus category and how does it rank? Mark my words you might want to pay attention now because Web 3.0 will allow everyone to see just who and what you are - what you value and what you believe. How are you being branded and what will you do with this brave new world that instantly affiliates and clusters your likes, interests, amusements and values? The transparency and profiling of each of us provides enormous opportunities to find and filter the communications, content, character and critters that we value and those we don't. It's the ultimate qualifier.

Fluff - Fold or Focus?

Our personal brand has already been filtered into fluff, fold or focus.
That's what I learned from Web 2.0.

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