Ambitious Andy

A young man walked into his Sales managers office full of confidence and ambition. " I want to be the best salesperson in the world" he said. "I want to make a pile of money, be respected as the best and retire before I'm forty. What do I need to know to be the best salesperson you've ever worked with?" The sales manager smiled and sat back in his chair recalling all the thousands of ambitious Andys that had said something similar over the many years he'd been in sales. He loved their drive and raw ambition. But he knew that even though he would give his few tips - chances are they'd be pearls left clamped in an oyster. If he was like most the rookie invariably would not be able to get out of his own way. I'll give you five tips the manager said - there are many others- but here are 5 Tips To Be The Best Salesman Ever.

Now Andy I want you to grade yourself regularly on how well you follow these five tips. I will grade you in my mind as will every one else you encounter. But it is only how honestly you grade yourself that really counts. And so my friend here are the five tips for your quest

To be the Best Salesperson the world has ever known:

1. Be Honest With Yourself - be brutally honest. You are not doing as well as you should. You are not working hard enough, listening to advice and applying it or driving yourself hard enough. If you were you would be getting everything you aim for - there are no excuses - period.

2. Qualify in 30 Seconds - In every encounter you have an opportunity to close in the first 30 seconds. After that you either dig yourself further into a hole or climb in the customers confidence. Learn to Qualify Better than anyone else - Learn to gain confidence in 30 seconds.

3. Create Demand - Anybody can process orders - they are called order takers. True professionals are able to create demand. Demand that comes from your differentiator. People should be coming to you because you have created a distinct differentiator. A clear and compelling value that others lack. People like dealing with the best.

4. Sell the Person not the Product - The greatest sales professionals in the world can sell any product because they sell the person not the product. Sales are made on emotion and rationalized in the mind. Although everyone knows this salespeople still try to sell features & Benefits to the mind instead of touching the persons emotions first and then cementing the decision the prospect made emotionally with logic.

5. If Price is an issue - You Suck. - Yes, I know, we are all concerned with price when we buy or sell anything but if price is the primary issue then it is because you, your relationship, your differentiators and your value are not. If a person is buying on price then it means You suck.

So there they are 5 Simple Tips.

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